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We produce lifeboats almost from the beginning. In 1992 we started cooperation with the German company Fr. Fassmer. Thanks to that we constantly extend the range of manufactured products. Today, all around the world, the ships are equipped with our orange boats.

Among others we offer:

  • -closed boats CLR type, length 5,9 till 13,2 m, including the tankers version (own sprinklers),
  • -free-fall boats GAR and CFL boats, length 4,9 till 8,8 m ( also with tanker version),
  • -fast open rescue boats FRR and FRIR type, length 4,2 till 7,0 m.

Most of boats are produced under the supervision of Classification Societies, fulfilling tough safety requirements. Together with Fr. Fassmer company we constantly improve our boats. We are working not only on optimizing the production process, but on modernizing the products as well. Markos' specialists do research such a solutions, that keeping safety requirements will assure manufacturing of m