Composites are being considered as a future material. Thanks to their numerous advantages they are entering our daily life more and more. That's why the growth and development of the areas connected with composites are unavoidable. We are really satisfied to create the products for so many future branches. Because of that, our company is continuously refining it's know-how, using more and more advanced materials and technologies, taking care of the quality, to keep the strong position at the producer market. We'd like to be flexible enough to react quickly to the technical and technological changes, gather all necessary resources, to be ready for changing customer expectations. We are aware, that possessing the advanced technologies is something, that opens for us access to the new markets and is driving the company development.

Our company employs over 300 people. Many of them, including masters of the production, are working in MARKOS almost from the beginning sharing their knowledge of designing and manufacturing of moulds and laminate processing. The production is being supported and supervised by the team of experienced specialists from Production Preparation and Development Department. which guarantee an access to the newest knowledge and sophisticated technologies at world level.

The MARKOS' know-how in the field of designing and manufacturing of composite products allows us to offer our customers solutions designating the directions of development of composites industry. Wind generator spinners, life-, rescue and pleasure boats as well as sound shields and fish farming tanks being produced in MARKOS can be found all over the world.