2016-01-25 08:57
RIB boats for patrol boat ORP "Ślązak"

In the waters of the Gulf of Gdansk sea trials of RIB boats for patrol boat ORP "Ślązak" - working boat MK-500 and a boat MK-790 for boarding team took place.

The first RIB boat, MK-500: total length 5.3 m, width 2.66 m, draft 0.4 m, designed for 6 persons, engine power 100 HP and an electric outboard engine 5 HP. The main engine can reach a speed over 12 knots.

The second RIB boat, MK-790 is designed for 15 persons, with a length of 7.9 m, width 3.15 m and draft 0.7 m. The boat has two BUKH S250 engines and a speed over 30 knots.

Both boats are made of laminate epoxy-carbon.

The RIB boats are designed, built and delivered by MARKOS.

For more information and pictures, please visit Polish Navy

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